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Listen to Live Q&A with Victor Pak


Listen to the Recording
of the Live Q&A Event

On March 24th, 2016 Victor Pak, co-founder of Pakedge, and Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4 sat down together to answer questions from dealers who wanted to know more about the acquisition of Pakedge by Control4.


Time stamps:

  • 00:00 min
    • Very brief introduction


  • 1 min
    • Vic  opening remarks – Pakedge still exists, the team you trust is still here.
      • What’s the same & whats changing
      • Addressing product development plans and policies
      • What does this mean for non-Control4 dealers. We really are committed to open integration.

*Side Note* Please ignore rumors that our competitors are spreading,
no one will be cut off from Pakedge products and services.

  • 3min 50sec
    • Martin – why C4 bought Pakedge


  • 6min 10 sec
    • Martin reiterates and expands on committing to open integration for all dealers, no matter which automation brand they use.


  • 7min 20 sec – 10min 15sec
    • Why is the the acquisition of Pakedge by C4 a good thing for non-C4 dealers?
    • Accelerated investment, infrastructure, road maps, resources and processes, etc.


  • 10min 20 sec
    • Buying Pakedge, internal sales reps, distribution, and man reps


  • 12min 30 sec
    • Martin – keeping the Pakedge as a distinct brand


  • 13min 20sec
    • Tech support, who to call


  • 14min 15 sec
    • Supporting dealers who buy competing brands


  • 18min 15sec
    • Connect+ (and BakPak) how will that be affected or change?
    • It’s not just for C4 products


  • 19min 15sec
    • Pricing
    • Pricing and program differences between Control4 and Pakedge store (21:17)


  • 23min 30 sec
    • Commercial market and products


  • 24min 35 sec
    • What about Pakedge dealers who don’t sell C4 will they be hounded by C4 sales to recruit?
      • FYI – Pakedge management team can be reached at


  • 25min
    • Will C4 offer other networking brands other than C4


  • 26min
    • Product Quality


  • 27min 10sec
    • turn around time when ordering Pakedge through C4


  • 28min
    • Will Pakedge policies changes to match Control4 or stay the same?


  • 28min 30sec
    • Benefits of bundling C4 with Pakedge?


  • 30min
    • C4 devices and other third party devices on BakPak
    • EA controllers on BakPak?


  • 32min
    • Using managed switches with C4


  • 32min 30 sec
    • Recurring revenue with remote management and building a unified platform


  • 34min 30sec
    • Vic will you be staying with Control4/Pakedge


We are always interested in hearing from our dealers. Please send feedback and concerns to where it will be reviewed by a special team and our Pakedge management team.




Open Letter from Vic

As most of you have heard, on January 29th, 2016 Pakedge was acquired by Control4 Corporation.  We recognize that with this type of news, there can be many questions about continuity, potential changes, and the future.  To provide you more information and to address questions you may have, I am inviting you to a live Q&A Discussion with me and Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4.


Listen to the Recording
of the Live Q&A Event



As a preview to this discussion on March 24th, I want to reiterate our continued and steadfast commitment to deliver world-class networking products specifically designed to optimize AV and automation systems.  Additionally, I want to assure all Pakedge dealers that you can expect the following from the combined Control4 and Pakedge team:

  • The Same Pakedge Brand and Team You Know and Trust – Pakedge operates as the Network Solutions Group within Control4. Pakedge products will remain under the Pakedge brand and available through Pakedge dealers and distributors.  We have and will continue with dedicated Pakedge technical support as well as a networking-focused sales team.  Our product development team and roadmaps remain intact and are proceeding without interruption.  We continue to stand behind our products with our three-year warranty, our firmware updates, and lifetime support — as we always have.  And, we will continue to solicit and welcome your feedback on products, services, and business policy.
  • Business Continuity and Acceleration – In terms of business processes and ordering Pakedge products, not much has changed. All Pakedge dealers can and should continue to order and track their business as they have in the past.
    • For dealers in the US or Canada: Please continue to use our online store, our inside sales team ( ), or your manufacturer’s representative.
    • For international dealers: Please continue to use Pakedge distributors or consult with our international sales team (
    • And, should you also be an Authorized Control4 Dealer, you have the option of ordering Pakedge products through the Control4 Dealer Portal.
  • Better Business Experiences for Our Dealers – With Control4, we are even more committed to improving the processes and operations to streamline end-customer and dealer account management, as well as to strengthening the IT infrastructure we need to more efficiently deliver meaningful business and technical training to all Pakedge dealers. For example, later this year, we will roll out a more cohesive Pakedge-focused online dealer portal featuring a dynamic e-store, product knowledgebase, and learning management system – all designed to help all Pakedge dealers become industry-leading networking masters.
  • Continued Commitment to World Class Technology and Open Integration – At Pakedge we’ve always made technology development our top priority and that has not changed now that we are within Control4.  Our commitment to open integration with numerous application vendors remains strong and we have no plans to cancel or limit the breadth or depth of our integration with other solutions, including non-Control4 automation systems.  We are continuing the integration and testing work with all our partners – exchanging tests and products with manufacturers as well as engaging with their technical teams to ensure all integrations are robust.

We’re looking forward to a great year for all Pakedge dealers. I hope you join us on Thursday, March 24th at 8am (Pacific Daylight Time) to learn more.


Victor Pak
Co-founder Pakedge Device & Software, Inc.